AED Community Fundraiser Day

Hi again,

The fundraiser day was a blast, thanks to those who came! We managed to earn a little more towards installing the AED in our local area which is fantastic news. I even have a few pictures for you all:

It really was great fun! We have another event coming up again at our chapel, a celtic folk dance night called a ceilidh for all to join. There will be a live band, light refreshments and great company. There is NO entry fee but we will be collecting donations for the AED so if you can, it would be wonderful to have a contribution. Please also if you plan to attend and have any severe food allergies please let me know at so we can ensure a safe evening.

Now for our scripture quote, this is Alma 37:35 :

O, remember, my son, and alearnbwisdom in thy cyouth; yea, learn in thy youth to keep the commandments of God.

I think this one is beautiful. We shouldn’t wait for wisdom to come to us, we need to search it out whilst we still can and blessings both in life and from heaven will help us throughout. Thanks for taking a look at the blog 🙂


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